Development Environment

This guide describe how to set up an environment in order to contribute to the development of GlobaLeaks.


The guide assumes you run a Debian based system and that the following software is installed on your system:

  • debhelper

  • devscripts

  • dh-apparmor

  • dh-python

  • git

  • grunt-cli

  • node

  • npm

  • python3

  • python3-dev

  • python3-pip

  • python3-setuptools

  • python3-sphinx

  • python3-virtualenv


The repository could be cloned with:

git clone

Client dependencies could be installed by issuing:

cd GlobaLeaks/client
npm install -d
grunt copy:sources

Backend dependencies could be installed by issuing:

cd GlobaLeaks/backend
python3 -mvenv env
source ./env/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

This will create for you a python virtualenv in the directory env containing all the required python dependencies.

Then, anytime you will want to activate the environment to run globaleaks you will just need to issue the command:

cd GlobaLeaks/backend && source ./env/bin/activate

Setup the client:

cd GlobaLeaks/client
npm install -d
grunt build

Setup the backend and its dependencies:

cd GlobaLeaks/backend
python3 -menv glenv
source glenv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


To run globaleaks from sources within the development environment you should issue:

cd GlobaLeaks/backend
source ./env/bin/activate
./bin/globaleaks -z -n

GlobaLeaks will start and be reachable at the following address