Release Procedure

This is the procedure followed to publish a new GlobaLeaks release.

A release is represented by:

  • A version bump;

  • An updated CHANGELOG;

  • A commit titled “Bump to version $number”;

  • A tag commit $version signed by a core developer with their own key;

  • An updated package on;

  • A signed repository.

Release Tagging

The release is represented by a tag commit on Github performed via:

export DEBFULLNAME="GlobaLeaks software signing key"
export DEBEMAIL=""
dch -i
git commit -a -m "commit before new tag message"
git push origin
git tag -s v0.1 -m 'GlobaLeaks version 0.1'
git push origin --tags

Release Packaging

The package is built by means of the official official build script by issuing:

cd GlobaLeaks && ./script/build -d all

This command builds a package for each supported distribution and version.

Package Publishing

The package is published on by issuing:

dput globaleaks ../globaleaks_${version}_all.changes

Repository Signing

The release is then signed by a core developer by using the official project key via:

gpg --detach-sign --digest-algo SHA512 -o Release.gpg Release