Penetration Tests

GlobaLeaks is periodically subject to independent security audit and penetration tests in order to verify and improve the security of the system.

We try to get it audited at least every 2 years thanks to funding opportinities. Each user and adopter as well sometimes is able to fund additional audits.

This page lists the currently publicly available reports.

If you have carried or have the possibility to sponsor a security audit please email us at This would be particularly important for the general software security. When asking a company to audit the software please always remember to ask for the possibility to ask for the possibility to publish the report before this is performed; many auditors in fact may dont agree with publishing afterwards and this happened many times with waste of project resources.

We additionally invite independent security researchers to apply to our Bug Bounty initiative, which it’s hosted on HackerOne.

Date Auditor Goal Report
2013 Q1 iSecPartners Architecture Audit Report
2013 Q2 Cure53 Web Security Audit Report
2013 Q4 VeraCode Overall Audit Report
2014 LeastAuthority Source Code Audit Report
2018 SubGraph Overall Audit Report
2019 RadicallyOpenSecurity Crypto Audit, Multi-tenancy Audit, Overall Audit Report