This is a list of jargon that is used inside of the GlobaLeaks software. Here we define it in a way to be unambiguous and uniform across all of their references.


The user that has setup and is maintaining the Platform.


A topic covered by a GlobaLeaks based project (ex. Corruption).


Our project, a FLOSS, security focused and flexible whistleblowing framework.


Method used to notify a Recipient that a new Submission or an update of an existing Submission is available.


A system running the GlobaLeaks framework.


A questionnaire is a set of questions that the whistleblower should fill out for completing a Submission to a Platform.


An access token that allows the Whistleblower to be authenticated to the secret (it effectively acts as a password) generated by the Platform and returned to the Whistleblower when a Submission has been completed. It enables the Whistleblower to modify and update the submission eventually uploading new files, adding comments to the Tip, and reading Receivers’s comments about the submitted materials.


It is the receiver of an anonymous Submission sent by the Whistleblower.


The action performed by the Whistleblower to submit a Tip to the Platform. This action is performed by the Whisleblower in respect to the Context requirement.


A user that is reporting to the Platform by uploading material and filling out the submission form.