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MIME_mail_build(src_name, src_mail, dest_name, dest_mail, mail_subject, mail_body) Prepare the mail headers
sendmail(tid, smtp_host, smtp_port, security, authentication, username, password, from_name, from_address, to_address, subject, body, anonymize=True, socks_host=‘’, socks_port=9050) Send an email using SMTPS/SMTP+TLS and maybe torify the connection.
backend.globaleaks.utils.mail.MIME_mail_build(src_name, src_mail, dest_name, dest_mail, mail_subject, mail_body)[source]

Prepare the mail headers

  • src_name – A source name
  • src_mail – A source email adddress
  • dest_name – A destination name
  • dest_mail – A destination email address
  • mail_subject – A mail subject
  • mail_body – A mail body

A mail headers

backend.globaleaks.utils.mail.sendmail(tid, smtp_host, smtp_port, security, authentication, username, password, from_name, from_address, to_address, subject, body, anonymize=True, socks_host='', socks_port=9050)[source]

Send an email using SMTPS/SMTP+TLS and maybe torify the connection.

  • tid – A tenant id
  • smtp_host – A SMTP host
  • smtp_port – A SMTP port
  • security – A type of security to be applied (SMTPS/SMTP+TLS)
  • authentication – A boolean to enable authentication
  • username – A mail account username
  • password – A mail account password
  • from_name – A from name
  • from_address – A from address
  • to_address – The to address
  • subject – A mail subject
  • body – A mail body
  • anonymize – A boolean to enable anonymous mail connection
  • socks_host – A socks host to be used for the mail connection
  • socks_port – A socks port to be used for the mail connection

A deferred resource resolving at the end of the connection