Source code for backend.globaleaks.handlers.exception

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Handlers dealing with client software exceptions
import json

from globaleaks.handlers.base import BaseHandler
from import requests
from globaleaks.utils.log import log

[docs]class ExceptionHandler(BaseHandler): """ This handler is responsible of receiving exceptions by the client and delivering them to the configured exception mail. """
[docs] check_roles = 'any'
[docs] def post(self): request = self.validate_message(, requests.ExceptionDesc) exception_email = "URL: %s\n\n" % request['errorUrl'] exception_email += "User Agent: %s\n\n" % request['agent'] exception_email += "Error Message: %s\n\n" % request['errorMessage'] exception_email += "Stacktrace:\n" exception_email += json.dumps(request['stackTrace'], indent=2) self.state.schedule_exception_email(self.request.tid, exception_email) log.debug("Received client exception and passed error to exception mail handler")